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The best all around indication of the effectiveness of a tube as an amplifier is its grid-plate transconductance ? (also called mutual conductance or gm) It is the change in plate current divided by the change in grid voltage that caused the change. It can be found by dividing the amplification factor by the plate resistance. Since current divided by voltage is conductance, is measured in the unit of conductance the siemens. Practical values of trans conductance are very small, so the microsiemens is the commonly used unit. Different type of tubes have transconductance values ranging from few hundred to several thousand. The higher the transconductance the greater the possible amplification. (source arrl handbook)

Here you can find and download tube data sheets for the most common audiophile tubes like Mullard EL34 , EL84 , 6550, 12AX7 Mullard, 807, 811A, 6L6, Svetlana 811-3 etc.

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tube data
tube data sheets: 
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