DIY wilson watt puppy style speakers

wilson watt puppy clones

DIY speakers project by Giannis Mihailos

Well hello.
Those speakers I made are obviously a wilson audio watt puppy design. But except the looks, all the other construction is based on some other speaker designs. The speaker units I use are the famous scanspeak d2905-9700 non ferofluid tweeter the 18w8545 k00 mid bass and for the lower octaves the peerless hds 205.

The project took me about 5 years to built and I mean of course not the construction which was ready in about 4 months but the whole thing plus the tuning of the xovers. Firstly I built a passive one for all the drivers but after some listening i decided that an active one at least for the lower section was something needed to use. So the today design has a series xover for the mid hi section and an active valve (marchand) xover for the woofers.

Some interesting photos from the construction :