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2A3 Tube Amp

2A3 Tube amp "a tribute to simplicity"

I do not know why but I prefer simple, low power triode designs. May be it's the warm sound produced by these tubes or because I like horn speakers and I know that this relation is erotic. It's a kind of magic, a sweet sound triggers up your feelings, that can reproduced only from a combination of a DHT tube amp and a pair of horn speakers.
So last year I decided to construct a low power SET based on 2A3 tube. I had no previous experience on this specific tube, and this is something that excites me.

2A3 Tube Amp

811A single ended triode power amp

SET direct heated triode tube power amp

Direct heated triode power output tubes are really interesting. Since September 2008 I've been working in a new project regarding a single ended triode tube power amp using the 811A vacuum tube. Actually it is a project with a long process of experimentation.

The 811A vacuum tube it is a power triode capable to output 10 - 15 Watts in a single ended class A2 configuration, in a three stages circuit using interstage transformer in the driving stage.

SV811-3 tube Amp

SET EL84 tube amp DIY project

A Decware EL84 Zen Amp clone

Making a low power single ended amplifier has always been in my designing plans. Obviously such a construction requires the appropriate speakers, particularly horn type designs, so that the output of the amp can reach an efficiency satisfying level.
Once at a certain point, I came across the designs of the Decware SE EL84 Zen amp, which had quite good reviews among the tube amps DIY and Single Ended tube amp builders.

se el84 tube amp

6L6 single ended tube amp

The 6L6 simple SE

Even though 6L6 tube is used primary in guitar vacuum tube amplifiers, many manufacturers use this tube in audiophile designs. I decided to build this small single ended amplifier based on 6L6 vacuum tube using a classic three stage single ended design.

6L6 single ended tube amp

Push Pull 6550 monoblocks DIY project

Push Pull 6550 DIY audio tube amps

The idea of building a DIY audio vacuum tube amplifier based on high-quality materials begins in the early 90's. Initially had to answer the question "Classic Push Pull or a Single ended amp ?" So starting the design somewhere in 1994 I decided to design οn a blank piece of paper, a pair of monoblocks push pull tube amps with a power supply in a separate chassis which would not use solid materials but rectifier tubes.