807 SE Tube PSU schematic


The tube amp power supply of my 807 single ended amp. This tube amp power supply uses 2 x 5Y3GT tubes per channel.

more detailed img :

Important notes regarding the power Transformers :

The power transformers used in my 807 parallel SE project are old transformers from an old philips amplifier.
Here are the data regarding all the Power transformer sections.

T1 = 220V mains (you should change this to 110V for US or 120V for Canada)
T2 = 5V / 3A
T3 = 600-0-600V 250mA
T4 = 10V / 4A (actually you need 7-7.5 Volts)
T5 = 6.3V / 3A
T6 = 5V / 3A
T7 = 280-0-280V / 200mA (150mA is enough)
T8 = 72V (30V is all you need)

Because I had to reduce the construction cost I preferred to use these old power transformers. If you are planing to buy new power transformers you can change the T3 to 450-0-450 (in this case R1=50K is no needed) Also for the T8 30Volts is all you need.

When first designed the amp the initial thought was about using the GZ34. After having many problems using the GZ34 (sparkling problems using the CVC GZ34) I decided to use the 5U4G (sovtek) and the 5Y3GT (sovtek) without changing anything in the circuit. So you can use either according to your taste.