6L6 Single Ended Tube Amp

6L6 single ended tube amp

The 6L6 simple Single Ended audio amplifier

Even though 6L6 tube is used primary in guitar vacuum tube amplifiers, many manufacturers use this tube in audiophile designs. I decided to build this small single ended amplifier based on 6L6 vacuum tube using a classic three stage single ended design. The plate voltage is about 320 Volts and the output stage is a classic single-ended cathode follower. Output transformer is 4.5 Kohms (primary) and is set for 8 ohm speakers. I chose this design for one reason : Wiring this tube as tetrode we achieve the greater possible amplification as a result of higher grid transconductance. 

  • one 6L6 tube / channel
  • simple construction
  • excellent damping factor (Z)output < 1,9 Ohms
  • pure class A
  • 320 Volt plate voltage

This project is a DIY single ended amplifier first designed by Chris Spathopoulos

Data :

  • L3(Mains Transformer in this project) : 250-0-250V / 170mA
  • Choke : 7H/150mA
  • Output Transformer 4.5 Kohms primary
6L6 audio se modified schematic
power supply 6L6 se audio